Al-Tajammu [Archives:2005/815/Press Review]

February 10 2005

7 Feb. 2005
Main headlines

– Sheiks beat ministers, expel and assassinate heads of state

– Four thousand religious schools run by suspicious societies

– YUCP condemns terror in Kuwait and praises Iraq elections

– Parliament hinders efforts of ending the phenomenon of carrying weapons

– Due to ignoring its demands, the Physicians and Pharmacists Union announces a number of protest activities

Writer A'arif Muhsin al-Khaiwani says in an article the political life in Yemen does not dedicate itself to data of work for national interest and does not possess a motive for fruitful politic al; action that can represent a positive action in the political practice and express the serious consideration of the present problems. Among those problems are those representing tension in economy and its deterioration. Among the other problems are the inflation of corruption, continuation of public property exhaustion, rush of the state officials towards achieving illegitimate wealth, through practicing commercial work, incapability of absorbing unemployment, and making the democratic experiment incapable of going forward. In addition, there is the further practice of authority in doubling political; congestion and being aloof from thinking in following the course of the road of modernisation and democracy. There is also the suppression of the rights of writers and journalists and the work for weakening the opposition. All that was, is still forming a source of dispute with the authority, and deepens continuation of opposing it.