Al-Tajammu [Archives:2005/880/Press Review]

September 26 2005

19 Sep. 2005
Main headlines

– Coalition government, the solution

– Al-Soufi accuses the MPs with practicing hegemony and pressure

– Grant offered by the American Institute for protection of the Sabaean inscriptions

– Pressures mounting against Syria

The newspaper editorial is devoted to discuss the question of the president's nomination for the upcoming presidential elections. It says it has become certain that the president Ali Abdullah Saleh has surprised all, including the General People's Congress, when he announced on 17 July this year he would not run for the coming presidential elections, and was determined to give the chance to a young leadership to shoulder the responsibility.

Since that date the GPC has been looking for an outlet from the presidential impasse. We think they have only one solution, which is continuation of contacts with leaderships of the parties represented in the parliament for formation of a national unity government to face the accumulating economic, political and security problems and to give the political excuse for the president to back down from his decision. This would be an introduction for reaching an agreement on how to produce the entire issue in a way to convince the inside and the outside in the importance of the president's continuation in leading the country and a coalition government and then moving gradually towards assuming power.

Thus the president and the GPC could have guaranteed continuation in power in a way appearing for securing success to a coalition government and the main opposition parties would have moved to power without elections and the two parties' goal is the supreme interest of the country.