Al-Tajammu [Archives:2007/1032/Press Review]

March 12 2007

March 5
Main Headlines

– Saudi authorities follow up the case of French nationals' murderers, who fled to the Yemeni territory

– YUCP mourns death of the famous poet Mohammed Hussein Haitham

– Secretary-General of the Yemeni Socialist Party warns of sectarian conflicts

– 20 Aden citizens detained after gunmen raided their homes

– Military escalates operations against Sa'ada rebels, Parliament rescinds Yahya Al-Houthi's immunity

– Sa'ada fighting casualties on the rise

– Judge interrogated after he summoned President Saleh to trial for imprisoning a citizen without charge

The newspaper quoted a human rights organization as saying the Judicial Inspection Authority (JIA) summoned an appeal court judge for interrogation after he sent a letter to President Saleh demanding him to stand a trial for imprisoning a citizen without any charge.

Mohamed Naji Allaw, Chairman of the National Organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms, known as Hood, said the appeal court held its first session regarding the citizen's imprisonment in the presence of a representative from the Ministry of Legal Affairs. The organization denounced referring the appeal court judge to the JIA in the Ministry of Justice.