Al-Tajammu [Archives:2007/1036/Press Review]

March 26 2007

March 19
Main Headlines

– Displaced locals up to 25,000, as clashers grow fiercer in Sa'ada

– YUCP investigated after being sued by a military commander

– State's Real Estate doesn't work according to President's directions, observers say

– Human rights activist blames Saleh for indifference toward Al-Ja'ashen crisis

– Al-Haq executive committee appoint a new secretary general

– A former presidential council member detained in an Aden police station

– Influential persons plunder investors' lands

The newspaper reported that many gunmen with military uniforms were usually citied to plunder agricultural lands belonging to investors in Al-Emad district, Aden governorate. The weekly quoted reliable sources as saying that civilians in charge of guarding the lands were attacked by policemen last week. The assailants damaged pumps and other agricultural equipment and confiscated some of them.

Eyewitnesses said that several agricultural investors had been detained in Da'ar Sa'ad Police Station, as they were filing complaints against policemen who grabbed their lands. The investors complained that they were subjected to torture and mistreatment during their detention. Deputy Chief of Aden Security Department Najib Mughalles ordered the concerned parties to take legal and firm procedures against the plunderers and investigate the incident.