Al-Tajammu [Archives:2007/1042/Press Review]

April 16 2007

April 9
Main Headlines

– MPs divided between hunting criminals and protecting them

– Al-Asali's resignation confirms that the government system is not progressing toward reform

– Leader of the rebellion critically injured while his followers declared they shot down a helicopter

– New cabinet formation targeted Bajammal, politicians say

– Security authorities arrest suspect of Amran mosque arson fire

Authorities in Amran governorate said policemen arrested the person suspected of the mosque arson fire that injured up to 30 people who were praying in Al-Amria Mosque on Friday, April 6, the weekly reported. It quoted Amran Governor Taha Hajer as saying the police arrested Hamid Al-Shomi, who is accused of setting arson aflame in Al-Amria Mosque in Al-Soda'a district, some 60 km from Amran city.

According to the newspaper, a committee, made up of Chief of Amran Security Department and local council officials, moved to the scene of the incident and investigated the suspect to identify motives of the crime. Eight of the 30 wounded people faced serious injuries after the assailants poured gasoline on worshipers, locked the doors and set the mosque ablaze while hundreds of prayers were inside. The paper said the incident is the third of the kind in the governorate after a man opened fire on prayers in 2001 killing three of them and in 2003, a grenade blew up inside a mosque leaving several dead.