Al-Tajammu [Archives:2007/1044/Press Review]

April 23 2007

April 16
Main Headlines

– Dozens killed, others injured in Dhahian and Ghamr areas of Sa'ada province

– Higher Education Minister confirms his ministry commitment to monitor and support private universities to improve education quality

– 105 companies participate in the investment opportunity exploration conference

– HOOD denounces lawyer's imprisonment

– Saleh and National Security Chairman discuss security cooperation and battling terrorism in coordination with Egyptian intelligence

– Yemeni militants crossing to Iraq number up to 2000

The newspaper quoted unofficial reports as saying that Yemeni militants, who cross into Iraqi to fight against the Iraqi government and the occupation forces, number up to 2000. The scores added that most of the militants come from the Yemeni south province of Abyan and Miseik area, east of the capital, and they organize their trips to the war-ravaged country illegally. Official security sources mentioned that these militants use the internet in order to attract youths aged between 18 and 37 years and train them on how to fight in Iraq.

The same sources disclosed that many of those who cross to Iraq to fight the occupation forces have been registered students at the Eman University, the biggest Islamic education institutions in Yemen.