Al-Tajammu [Archives:2007/1046/Press Review]

April 30 2007

Monday, April 23
Main Headlines

– Investment Opportunity Exploration Conference puts Yemen before serious challenges

– Opposition and independent MPs reject Mujawar's government platform

– Pictures allegedly published by Al-Thawri weekly about Sa'ada fighting are really taken from other sources showing graves in Iraq, security sources say

– Sana'a-based Political Development Forum praises Mauritanian will and responsibility

– Sa'ada fighting kills 860 government troops, 300 Al-Houthi supporters

Hundreds of victims have been killed or injured up until now in the Sa'ada fierce clashes between the government troops and volunteers, on the one hand, and Al-Houthi-led rebels, backed by tribesmen and loyalists, on the other, the YUCP-affiliated weekly quoted medics and local sources as saying. Those who strongly support leader of the rebellion Abdulmalik Al-Houthi, are Sheikh Abdullah Al-Rizami fellowmen in Al Salem area.

The medics and local sources said that up to 860 government troops and volunteers, and 300 Al-Houthi supporters have died in the fighting while 900 people on both sides were wounded, 180 seriously. The sources added that more than 1200 of Al-Houthi supporters have been arrested and transferred to political security jails in the capital and other governorates.