AL-TAJAMMU’: Sanaa weekly, 24-8-98. [Archives:1998/35/Press Review]

August 31 1998

(Yemeni Unitary Congregation Party)   Main Headline:
1- Opposition parties and figures express strong rejection to dividing Hadhramaut and the law restricting mass rallies and demonstrations.
2- The Unified Board of Directors for Electricity, Water and Sewerage has recommended a new tariff with an increase of 106% for water and 10% for maintenance.
3- The President promised 300 fishermen (their boats were nationalized by the former regime in the south) with a compensation of 250 new fishing boats. However, the boats were given mainly to the relatives of Aden officials and the families of the war for unity martyrs.
4- Committee entrusted with privatizing the National Navigation Company has decided to suspend the activities of all private shipping companies which fail to employ former workers in privtized enterprises.
Article Summary:
Aid Organ to be Abolished
By Shaher Musabin
Ever since the 1994 war, a fierce campaign has been waged by the Director of the Ministry of Finance office in Aden to close down the Aid Organ. The Organ’s funds and assets were seized during the war, except for the salaries of its 104 employees. It used to provide citizens in southern governorates with corporeal assistance.
A decision was issued recently to include those employees within the Ministry of Finance office, contrary to all administrative regulations. A number of soldiers were sent to bring down the plaque on the Aid Organ’s building, but their attempt was thwarted by the employees. This was done despite a 1996 directive by the Minister of Finance to keep the Aid Organ as an independent entity.