Al-Takamul society activities [Archives:2003/659/Community]

August 14 2003

SANA'A_ Al-Takamul Society for Development in Sana'a held Sunday at its main headquarters a ceremony on graduation of a group girl trainees on sewing and fashion designing.
The ceremony was held under auspices of deputy minister of Technical Education and Vocational Training Abdulwahab al-A'kil.
Mr. al-A'kil gave a speech at the ceremony praising this successful society in the field of rehabilitation of woman in a short span of time because of it qualified administration and perseverance. the deputy minister said the ministry would always support societies and organisations intent on success in their work.
Ms. Hana Shamsan, the head of the society told Yemen Times her society is a social charitable non- profitable one for women registered with the ministry of social affairs and labour. It has a partnership with the national program and offers charitable, social, educational, health and sport services. It also aims at making the society aware of the importance of its individuals in development and rising the level of environmental awareness and fighting pollution, but the main role is enhance and activate women role in the society and taking care of the family in all aspects.
Ms Shamsan has said the society organizes various courses on some vocations and professions useful for women such as sewing, coiffure and computer training as well as handicrafts and embroidery and courses for learning English language and first aid.
Coordinator of training at the society Ms Lina al-Harazi confirmed to Yemen Times that trainees at the society acquire various practical skills and can depend on themselves in facing requirements and circumstances of life. The graduation ceremony was attended by a good number of guests and media.