AL-TAREEQ: Aden fortnightly, 10-2-98. [Archives:1998/07/Press Review]

February 16 1998

Main Headlines: 1- Head of Opposition Parties’ Committee, Hassan Ba-Awm called on all patriotic forces to meet & come up with national salvation plan. 2- Chief of intelligence in Hadhramaut denies allegations that one of his men was involved in a shooting accident & the harassment of a woman. 3- An inmate in Mansoora Prison, Aden, calls for his release as directed by the Consultative Council’s committee for civil liberties. 4- During 1997, General Salt Establishment produced 97,800 tons of salt worth YR 2 billion Article Summary: Gold & Uranium in Radfan Following media reports on the discovery of ancient antiques in caves in Radfan, groups of armed villagers started guarding the caves. A local sheikh has even brought a few geologists to uncover more artifacts. However, they discovered something more important: indications of the existence of gold and uranium in this historical cave. Prominent figures in the area tried to keep this discovery a secret until they get solid guarantees from the government to benefit the local population. They also expressed fears that foreign companies and their local agents will exploit these mineral deposits without ever developing the area. The deprived areas of Mareb and Shabwa where oil has been exploited were cited as examples.