AL-TAREEQ: Aden fortnightly, 16-12-97. [Archives:1997/51/Press Review]

December 22 1997

Main Headlines: 1- Ali Salim Al-Beedh is still in Socialist Party leadership, his dismissal was illegal. 2- Opposition Coordination Council in Hadhramaut emphasizes adherence to unity & reconciliation, but rejects government’s conditions to release prisoners. 3- Out of 200 certificates issued by Teachers High Institute in Aden, 39 were discovered to be falsified. Article Summary: The Arab Afghans – By Ibraheem Al-Ashmawi The record of violence in Yemen is full of many incidents perpetrated by the Arab Afghans, starting with the Aden Movenpick bomb explosion in 1993 which led to the death of 3 US citizens. Tarek Al-Fadhli, the current member of the People’s General Congress was implicated. That incident was followed by a group of fundamentalist students throwing vitriolic material on unveiled female students in Sanaa University in 1994. Other incidents took place, including the explosions at the Queen Arwa and Al-Aidroos mausoleums. The group responsible for these and may other incidents is led by Sheikh Moqbil Al-Wadi’ who has a long-standing ideological dispute with the Sufi movement in Hadhramaut. Most of the groups involved in these violent incidents are composed of Yemeni and Arab veterans of the Afghan war against the former Soviet Union.