AL-TAREEQ: Aden fortnightly, 28-12-97. (Independent) [Archives:1998/01/Press Review]

January 5 1998

Main Headlines: 1- Despite $500,000 provided by Dutch Embassy and UNDP, seminar on Socotra women development was below standard 2- Few poor Aden families received YR3,000 each from YR15 million allocated by the President, rest of sum went to Presidency Office & Aden municipality 3- Rosa Mustafa becomes the first Yemeni female civil pilot 4- Emirates Diving Society to explore Yemeni shores & Socotra Island in a sailing boat Article Summary: Journalists Go Tribal Employees of Sawt Al-Ummal weekly (voice of the workers) have recently demanded that they should be put on the tribal payroll. They had their salaries suspended since the civil war of 1994. In a letter to Al-Tareeq, the journalists indicated that all of them belong to influential Yemeni tribes and should have their salaries added to the special budget of the Tribal Affairs Authority. The Ministry of Finance has not heeded all the presidential and governmental directives to pay these journalists their suspended salaries.