AL-TAREEQ: Aden weekly, 15-9-98. [Archives:1998/38/Press Review]

September 21 1998

(Independent)   Main Headline:
1- Adviser to President Mubarak of Egypt denies any knowledge of an impending US military strike against Yemen.
2- According to a Sudanese newspaper, US navy ships converged on Bab Al-Mandab Straits to strike against targets in Sudan and Yemen.
3- 135 Somali refugees in Yemen are voluntarily repatriated.
4- Ministry of Fisheries announces that Yemeni fish are free of any bacteria and parasites.
5- Customs Authority in Al-Mokha port has allowed several black-listed ships, known to have been involved in smuggling activities, to enter the port.
Article Summary:
Narcotic Seeds
Seeds of the Junaijina wild bush, with drug-like effects, are widely abused by young people in Hadhramaut, especially in the rural areas. Ingesting the seeds causes hallucination and mind alteration.
According to Sheikh Muslim Awadh, MP, this wild bush bears a fruit resembling an aubergine, the seeds of which are crushed and swallowed.
A public scare was created. Women at wedding parties now refuse to have tea or other drinks just in case they are laced with the Junaijina drug, resulting in them being taken advantage of. Police are investigating the matter.