AL-TAREEQ: Aden weekly, 18-5-98. [Archives:1998/21/Press Review]

May 25 1998

Main Headline:
1- Border skirmishes take place between Yemen and Saudi Arabia, while the border dispute lingers on.
2- 4,500 men representing 125 Hadhramaut tribes meet to endorse the ‘Pledge and Fraternity Accord’, and form a preparatory committee to establish a tribal council. The main aim is to try to peacefully resolve any future tribal conflicts.
3- Internal disputes in Journalists Syndicate hinder the holding of its general meeting.
4- Opposition Coordination Council calls on authorities to ensure the safety of opposition leaders arrested during in Mukallah demonstration. Article Summary:
Division in Fact-finding Mission
Members of the parliamentary fact-finding committee that was sent to investigate the shooting during the opposition demonstration of 27 April in Hadhramaut are divided among themselves. The committee submitted a far-from-neutral report to parliament.
Some members of the committee asked the witnesses provocative questions, especially concerning the alleged shooting at the police by the well-known opposition figure, Hassan Ba-Awm. This led to the division of the committee into two opposing teams: one left for Sanaa and the other, mainly composed of people from Hadhramai origins, stayed to continue the mission.
The shooting at the Mukallah demonstration left two people dead, three injured and several opposition figures disappeared.