AL-TAREEQ: Aden weekly, 2-6-98. [Archives:1998/23/Press Review]

June 8 1998

Main Headline:
1- Underground water pollution in Maseela, Hadhramaut, due to its mixing with oil pumped by Canadian Oxy, causes the spread of diseases and the death of animals and plants. Water contaminated with oil is re-pumped into the ground.
2- Yemeni pilgrims express their gratitude for the facilities provided by Saudi Arabia at the Hadhramaut border checkpoint.
3- Opposition in Hadhramaut condemns the shooting by police at the peaceful demonstration in Modia, Abyan on Thursday, 28 May.
4- Ministry of Fisheries prohibits, for 4 months, foreign ships from fishing in the Red Sea territorial waters of Yemen because of the serious depletion of the fish stock there.

Article Summary:
A Trade-Mark Farmer
Mahfoodh Ba-Fotaim propagated and cultivated an internationally recognized type of wheat in 1966. It is known today as the Ba-Fotaim Wheat. He also cultivated an excellent type of onion, known in Yemen as Ba-Fotaim Onion which is exported to neighboring countries. His is a trademark name.
However, Ba-Fotaim was recently evicted from his land in Seioun by the heirs of the Kuthairy Sultanate, whose lands were nationalized by the former regime in the south. He was given 5 hectares of a desolate land by way of compensation.