AL-TAREEQ: Aden weekly, 21-4-98. [Archives:1998/17/Press Review]

April 27 1998

(Independent)  Main Headline:
1- Opposition parties are to stage a peaceful mass rally on 27 April in protest over deteriorating conditions in Hadhramaut and to call for national reconciliation.
2- Arbitrary exploitation of water threatens Yemen’s limited water resources.
3- Governor of Hodeida orders prosecutor’s office to investigate the beating up of a person outside the security offices.
4- A fourth Land-Cruiser belonging to the Wadi Hadhramaut Development project is stolen by unidentified armed robbers.

Article Summary:
Secret Mossad Operation
An ex-Mossad officer has revealed, in a book to be published soon, that the infamous Israeli secret service agency had conducted an operation to evict a Jewish family from Yemen. Ten years ago, Gerald Westerby entered Yemen heading a group of Mossad officers disguised as tourists in order to take the six-member Jewish family to Israel.
The agents used a helicopter in the operation, but the family concerned refused to leave their sheep behind. Failing to convince them that they will need the sheep in Israel, the officers took the grandfather only.