AL-TAREEQ: Aden weekly, 23-6-98. [Archives:1998/26/Press Review]

June 29 1998

(Independent)   Main Headline:
1- Public unrest due to price rises causes a rift between parliament and government despite the preponderance of the People’s General Congress in both.
2- 7 dead and 16 wounded in public demonstrations of protest.
3- Authorities order Tele-Yemen to suspend mobile phone and pager services in fear of the situation getting out of hand.
4- Political organizations and trade unions support public protest.
5- British parliament expresses concern over increase of violence in Yemen.
6- A 12-classroom school in Tareem costs YR 49 million!!.
Article Summary:
Tribal Intermediation
Late in the night of Saturday, 20 June, six Italian tourists – including two women were released after two days in captivity. They were kidnapped in the Bir Ali tourist resort in Shabwa by armed men from Al-Suleiman of the Marazeeq tribe.
The release came following intermediation efforts by other prominent members of the Marazeeq, in return for promises of a car and the implementation of public service projects.
The captives were taken from the area of kidnap to the Amad mountainous region.