AL-TAREEQ: Aden weekly, 28-4-98. [Archives:1998/18/Press Review]

May 4 1998

(Independent)   Main Headline:
1- The situation is very tense in Mukallah following the break of a demonstration by the police. The Opposition Coordination committee calls for donations for the victims’ families.
2- IPR report: Corruption, rapid population growth and unemployment threaten Yemen’s future.
3- Large delegation of investors and businessmen from Dubai visits Yemen.
4- Tribal sources in Shabwa warn against further deterioration in security due to ingrained blood feuds.
Article Summary:
Clinics of Death
The so-called specialized hospitals have mushroomed during the last few years in Aden and other parts of Yemen. ‘Major and minor surgeries – all diseases cured,’ is what the announce. Statistics show that many patients operated on by doctors in these clinics suffer many complications. They end up going to public hospitals to correct what the private hospitals have done.
Does the Ministry of Health monitor the work of such private hospitals and clinics? What are the conditions for granting people licenses to open private hospitals?