AL-TAREEQ: Aden weekly, 9-6-98. [Archives:1998/24/Press Review]

June 15 1998

(Independent)   Main Headline:
1- 35th Brigade deploys its troops in Dhali’, Lahaj, following 3 days of armed clashes between army forces and the citizens.
2- Following a silent demonstration marking the passing of 40 days since the death of two men in the Mukallah demonstration (27 April), authorities in Hadhramaut start criminal investigation with opposition leaders for organizing an unauthorized demonstration.
3- Two bomb explosions took place in Al-Shoaib, Lahaj. No group claimed responsibility.
4- Tribal elders of Bani Dhibyan (previously associated with the kidnapping of foreigners) promise to oppose the abduction of foreign visitors.
5- Opposition figures warn against the deteriorating security situation in the southern governorates.
Article Summary:
Oil Pollution
For the last 3 years, environmental activists have been sounding the alarm bells regarding the re-pumping of oil-contaminated water into the ground at the Maseela oil fields, which are run by Canadian Occidental Petroleum. Millions of cubic meters of water are separated from the crude oil pumped out of the ground, and are then put back.
It was found that this contaminated water pollutes large amounts of fresh underground water, causing great environmental damage. The company claims that rock and mud formations separate the two, but refuses to allow any official or non-official organs to conduct chemical tests on the aquifer water there.