AL-TARIQ: Aden weekly, 11-8-98. [Archives:1998/33/Press Review]

August 17 1998

(Independent)   News Review:
1- Head of Dhamar prosecutor office complains to the Public Prosecutor of recurrent interference by the military police in the affairs of the judicial system.
2- A missile detonator found by a child in an Ataq street explodes back home injuring all six members of the family.
3- Aden is to be divided into 7 directorates, instead of the current 3.
4- Ministry of Oil announces the postponement of natural gas exports from 2001 to 2003 due to the economic crisis in south-east Asia – the intended market.
5- A massive bomb explosion rocks Al-Habilain, Lahaj.
6- New police checkpoints are introduced in Hadhramaut, and traveling cars and people are thoroughly searched.
7- Hadhramaut MPs reject proposed division of their governorate into two parts.
8- 88 Somali refugees residing in Aden are to be voluntarily repatriated.
9- A large quantity of fish and squid found rotting on board a Chinese fishing vessel was destroyed by the Aden Port authority.
10- Yemeni students at Jordanian universities have not been paid their financial grants for the last six months.
11- Journalist Awadh Kashmeem was arrested by Dawaan security accused of incitement to violence.
12- An army officer attempts to take over the grounds of the Taiz-Hodeida taxi station.
13- Water supplies in Mukallah, Hadhramaut, were cut off for 4 consecutive days because of a main pipe bursting due to over pumping.