AL-TARIQ: Aden weekly, 14-7-98. [Archives:1998/29/Press Review]

July 20 1998

(Independent)   Main Headline:
1- 4 army brigades are deployed as armed clashes are renewed along the Sanaa-Mareb road. 12 soldiers died in the fighting.
2- Eritrea looks forward to a long-term partnership with Yemen.
3- Tribesmen continue their nightly raids on army positions in Mareb, following the government’s refusal to meet tribal demands to hand over the army commanders who ordered the shelling of their villages.
4- Differences mount between the Court-of-Appeal judge in Zanzibar, who wants to appoint his relative as the city’s mayor, and the heads of districts who favor another candidate.
Article Summary:
Sewerage Blockage Threatens Shibam
A blockage occurred in the sewerage system leading southward from the historical town of Shibam. All attempts to remove the blockage by municipal workers have failed. The overflowing sewer is likely to undermine the tall old houses by the town’s wall.
The municipality has urgently asked the General Organization for the Protection of Historical Cities to intervene. It was indicated that the Hadhramaut Society has demolished a house, the debris of which blocked the sewerage system.
Several houses sustained large cracks and others collapsed altogether due to previous explosions in the sewerage system.