AL-TARIQ: Aden weekly, 18-8-98. [Archives:1998/34/Press Review]

August 24 1998

(Independent)   News Review:
1- The ruling People’s General Congress expresses concern regarding a possible boycott by the opposition of the presidential elections scheduled for 1999.
2- Ministry of Local Authority recommends dividing Hadhramaut into 24 directorates, instead of the present 8.
3- Head of the Political Parties and Organizations Affairs Committee said that reducing financial allocations, as decided by the Council of Ministers, will be detrimental to political parties.
4- To figure out the Socialist Party’s stance vis-a-vis the presidential elections, the ruling PGC conducts unannounced talks with Socialist leaders.
5- Ministry of Fisheries suspends granting new licenses or signing new deals with fishing companies in order to conserve Yemen’s fish reserves.
6- A special UN committee arrives in Yemen to investigate cases of forced disappearance.
7- The Ataq museum purchases 124 pieces of archeological finds and artifacts worth YR 1.85 million from private collectors.
8- Yemeni journalists support the editor of Summ Bumm weekly who came under strong criticism by the Palestinian ambassador to Yemen for reporting on uranium smuggling. They also condemned the Ministry of Information’s decision to prohibit any reporting of foreign embassies without its prior permission.
9- Member of the Unitary Congregation Party in Shabwa accuses the PGC and Islah of carrying out the recent bomb explosions in that area in a serious stepping-up of their political rivalry.
10- A prominent tribal sheikh in Dhabout, Al-Mahara, bans qat from entering his area. A fine of YR 30,000 is imposed on violators.