AL-TARIQ: Aden weekly, 28-7-98. [Archives:1998/31/Press Review]

August 3 1998

(Independent)   Main Headline:
1- The killer of the 3 Mother Teresa nuns is married to a Bosnian woman and has 2 daughters. An airplane ticket to Saudi Arabia was found among the killers possessions. He was to leave at 7pm on the same evening.
2- Socialist Party organization in Hadhramaut condemns the campaign of arrests and persecution being waged against its activists.
3- Iraqi road engineer dies in Nasab, Shabwa while jesting with a weapon belonging to a Yemeni associate.
4- A bomb exploded and two others were defused in Ataq, Shabwa.
5- A child dies in Al-Ghaidha Hospital because of lack of oxygen.
6- A huge fire destroyed 40 fishermen shacks and 15 boats in Bir Ali, Aden. It was caused by the explosion of a gas cylinder and fueled by the presence of jerrycans full of petrol in the vicinity.
Article Summary:
Judge Assaulted
Setting a serious precedent, a sergeant assaulted a judge after stopping his car in Gheel Ba-Wazir. He also swore at the judge in the presence of the deputy commander of the police station and other people.
Receiving the judge’s complaint, the prosecutor’s office issued an arrest warrant for the sergeant, but the police did not act on it. The sergeant is known for extorting money from drivers passing through his checkpoint.