AL-TARIQ: Aden weekly, 8-9-98. [Archives:1998/37/Press Review]

September 14 1998

Main Headline:
1- Yemen buys $500 million worth of Su-27 bombers from Russia. The deal also includes training of Yemeni pilots and supply of spare parts. Yemen will become the first country in the Middle East to receive these advanced war planes.
2- US administration is to establish anti-terrorism organ in Yemen, providing financial and technical support to Yemeni cadres.
3- One man died and 11 injured in a bomb blast in Shabwa.
4- Bakers in Aden threaten to strike in protest over the sharp decrease in flour supplied by the state-owned Internal Trade Company.
Article Summary:
Stolen Car Found
People in the Osailan Directorate, Ataq, were able to retrieve a car belonging to the manger of the Agricultural Bank of Borrowing branch in the governorate. The car was stolen by a group of unknown bandits on Thursday, September 3, on the Ataq-Markha road.
The bank manger and a journalist passenger were intercepted by the 4-man gang in a mountainous region. The assailants jumped from their car firing a fusillade of bullets from sub-machine guns, trying to kill the driver and his companion. The letter escaped unharmed and hid behind large boulders, while 2 of the highwaymen drove away in their car.
Despite reporting the incident to the police, not much progress was made. It was left to the local citizens to form a posse to chase the perpetrators. The car was later found abandoned on a dirt road with all of the travelers’ possessions missing.