Al-Thawra [Archives:2003/657/Press Review]

August 7 2003

31 July 2003
Main headlines:
– Eight people killed in Jabal al-Salmi in Yafie
– YSP politburo member Dr al-Mikhail demands the change of the local council
– An attempt to loot an YSP office in Yafie

Columnist Abdulbari Tahir confirms that the rule crisis is very apparent and the most demonstrated evidence is the absence of law and order, weakness of the state and increase of violence and terror. Negligence and increase of corruption, reaching to standard levels, have helped deepen the crisis that is seen in many aspects such as tribal rebellions, banditry and absence of sound solutions. The impasse the weak state resorts to in dealing with terror, violence and corruption is that it tightens the grip against the freedom of expression and goes further in marginalization of political opposition and weakening its role. To deal with the loss of its prestige the state resorts to strengthen tribal trends and more strength alliance between the military and tribalism. The result would be weakening the language of politics and absence of the effect of civil society organisation. On the other hand the political opposition is incapable of creating the democratic alternative and despite its dialogue it does not stand on a common ground. The opposition has traveled a distance in removing the psychological barriers regarding its old and unjustifiable rivalry but these dialogues at the Joint Meeting Parties are still too far from taking part in any activity, especially in dealing directly with the people and joining its forces to confront the policies of impoverishment and oppression. Perhaps the weakness coordination in the latest parliamentary elections has deepened the crisis. The most apparent aspects of the crisis could be the absence of tackling of the economic, social and political crises, the increase in unemployment rates, the low level of services, deterioration of education and health services n addition to hectic rise in prices of food stuffs and necessary goods.