Al-Thawra [Archives:2003/691/Press Review]

December 4 2003

2 Dec. 2003
Main headlines:
– Saudi authorities recognise two of implementers of al-Muhaya complex attack in Riyadh
– U.S secretary of State arrive n Morocco
– Turkish official says implementers of Istanbul blasts, liked to al-Qaeda
– NATO discusses possibility of increasing its role in Iraq and Afghanistan
– Arab News Agencies Conference opens in Sana'a Saturday
The newspaper's editorial says following the launching of Geneva document reached between a elite of Palestinian and Israeli politicians many questions have been aroused in Arab and international media on the extent of what this document could produce of results at he level of achieving peace in the region, especially that it has touched on the final stages that are supposed to lead to a lasting agreement between the two sides.
Although all those analyses seemed divided in their estimations and perceptions and readings of articles of the document, they were unanimous that the Arab countries would support any peace plan accepted by the Palestinians, as the Palestinian decision in this question is to be the basis on which Arab and Islamic stands be built on. Whatever is said and to be said about Geneva document, the sure fact is the peace in the region could not be an actual reality away from just and comprehensive solutions of various aspects and sides of the conflict. Without holding this string, Israel will keep its maneuvers in the hope of lowering the ceiling of Palestinian demands and getting as much amount as possible of concessions. It is a policy that Israel has been used to follow for evading all determinants placed by the United Nations resolutions and also international initiatives in this regard.