Al-Thawra [Archives:2007/1030/Press Review]

March 5 2007

March 1
Main Headlines

– President Saleh and Malaysian Prime Minister discuss areas of mutual cooperation, and regional and international developments

– Saleh congratulates Bosnia & Herzegovina and Bulgaria on the occasion of their national days

– Justice Ministry prepares a file to repatriate terrorist Yahya Al-Houthi following withdrawal of his immunity

– Receiving a letter from Custodian of the Two Holy Shrines King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz, Saleh praises brotherly ties between Yemen and Saudi Arabia

– With a majority of 188 votes of MPs, Parliament rescinds diplomatic immunity of terrorist Yahya Al-Houthi

– Yemen and Malaysia agree to establish a joint economic forum to develop cooperation areas

– Syria declares its support for Yemen to confront terrorist elements

The newspaper's editorial says that MPs, belonging to different political parties, voted on Wednesday for rescinding the parliamentary immunity of the terrorist Yahya Al-Houthi, who is currently residing in Germany. The Parliament's determination to take such a procedure was commended by the government, which said the stand reflects MPs' understanding and awareness about the necessity of unifying official and opposition efforts in dealing with national issues.

Irrespective of the different viewpoints on some political and party issues as differences are a normal phenomenon in any democratic community, terrorism necessitates joint efforts of the political forces in the country since its impacts reach everyone. All the necessities require the ruling party and the opposition, as well as all the social groups to stand by the government in any step it takes toward construction and achievement.

The joint efforts in dealing with national issues, such as Al-Houthi-led rebellion, will help develop the social sense and understanding of partnership and interaction with processes of Yemen's comprehensive development.