Al-Thawra [Archives:2007/1034/Press Review]

March 19 2007

March 17
Main Headlines

– Palestinian President tells his Yemeni counterpart about developments in his territory

– A Sa'ada source expresses curiosity about the writings of some newspapers promoting lies of terrorist fugitive Yahya Al-Houthi

– Al-Houthi loyalists leak misleading information

– Yemen to participate in two regional meetings on water resources

– Official source denies Bahraini newspaper's reports saying Germany refused to hand over the terrorist Yahya Al-Houthi to Yemen

The official daily reported that a well-informed source denied reports by the Bahraini Al-Wasat newspaper saying that Germany rejected Yemen's official request to extradite the wanted terrorist Yahya Al-Houthi, who is currently residing in the European country. Also, the source denied the Bahraini paper's writings that Brig. Ali Muhsen Saleh, Commander of the Northwest Military Flank, has recently flown to Germany with an official letter from his government.

According to the source, such allegations are baseless and incorrect, pointing out that the military commander hasn't visited Germany and that he is available in the restive governorate of Sa'ada performing his duty as Commander of the Northwest Military Flank. The source added that Saleh is supervising the military operations against the rebel groups that fuel sectarian and ethnical seditions.