Al-Thawra [Archives:2008/1128/Press Review]

February 11 2008

Thursday, February 7
Top Stories

– Hajja political security releases 11 detainees among them 3 juveniles over alleged connections with Sa'ada events

– MPs insist on revoking Hashid's parliamentary immunity over allegedly insulting Islam

– Gulf expert: Yemen still needs fifty years to qualify for Gulf Cooperation Council's membership

– President Saleh gives directives to halt Sa'ada military operations

– An extremist Salafi leader calls for fighting Socialists, says protests are illegal

– Al-Jawf governorate organizes peaceful uprising against wealth robbery and exploitation of government jobs

Thousands of citizens staged a huge rally Tuesday in the Yemeni eastern province of Al-Jawf over what they called 'exploitation of government jobs and wealth robbery by influential officials' the weekly reported, adding that the event, believed to be the first of its kind in the governorate, took place at the Government Complex's yard in Hazm city. The Islah Party's Shoura Council Chairman and Festival's preparatory committee head Al-Hasan Ali Abu Bakr said addressing the rally participants that “You are more able to make change and by your sincere efforts, we can make unprecedented victory over injustice and oppression.”

“We have trusted our political leadership and helped it take the highest job once again, but regretfully, it reversed our expectations and looted our national wealth and natural resources,” the weekly quoted Abu Bakr as saying. The man stressed the necessity of continuing the peaceful struggle irrespective of the challenges and obstacles expected to be standing in our way. “The false promises are impossible to gratify starving and thirsty people,” he commented in an implication to promises made by the General People Congress's candidate ahead of 2006 presidential elections.

According to the weekly, Head of Islah Party's Executive Office in Al-Jawf Abdulhamid Amer noted the nation is experiencing 'a revolution of awareness about implications of the peaceful struggle and awakening of the Yemeni conscience'. He said that Yemeni people see that it is time to exterminate rampant corruption and property theft, as well as stop the irresponsible exploitation of military and security posts.