AL-THAWRI: Sanaa weekly, 11-12-97. (Yemeni Socialist Party) [Archives:1997/50/Press Review]

December 15 1997

Main Headlines: 1- YSP organizes 20,000-strong mass rally to celebrate re-opening its offices in Taiz 2- YSP Secretary-General and other opposition leaders visited Hadhramaut and called for release of opposition detainees 3- Harsh living conditions led two young men in Lahaj to commit suicide, 5 similar incidents took place in the same area during last 6 months 4- Verbal row led director of Ba-Soheib military hospital to lock up a dentist in the bathroom Article Summary: US Government Sued A law suit was brought before the North Sanaa court against the US government, as represented by its ambassador in Sanaa. The object of the case is that the US embassy in Sanaa had withdrawn the US passport of 15-year-old Saad Abdullah Saad, American born to Yemeni parents. Saad was born in 1982 in Indiana, US, while his father – a well-known journalist – was studying there. The passport was confiscated when the boy and his parents went to renew it at the US embassy. Saad’s name was announced at the Sheraton Hotel in Sanaa during the 1994 civil war as a US citizen eligible to be evacuated to the US.