AL-THAWRI, Sanaa weekly, 11-6-98. [Archives:1998/24/Press Review]

June 15 1998

(Yemeni Socialist Party – YSP)   Main Headline:
1- A special fact-finding committee formed by the President has started its investigations of the recent clashes between the army and the citizens in Dhali’, Lahaj.
2- Al-Thawri weekly is still being investigated by the Press and Publications Prosecutor office for articles critical of the government.
3- The Urgent Affairs Court annuls a Ministry of Information decision to withhold the last issue of Al-Shoura weekly and withdraw its license.
4- Three Hadhramaut MPs in a parliamentary committee, sent to investigate the violent break up of the Mukallah demonstration on 27 April, write a separate report to the one adopted by the committee’s other members.
Article Summary:
Exam Shoot-out
One soldier was killed and 2 soldiers, 3 students and the head of the General Secondary-School Examination committee in Al-Jawba, Sanaa, were seriously injured in a shooting incident while an exam was in progress.
Soldiers from Al-Zubairi camp went to the exam center to support some of their colleagues who were taking the exam. The shooting started when the head of the committee refused to admit the soldiers into the center. People in the area intervened to protect their children at the school.