AL-THAWRI: Sanaa (Weekly) 13-11-97. (Yemeni Socialist Party) [Archives:1997/46/Press Review]

November 17 1997

Main Headlines: 1- A campaign of arrests and persecution in Hadhramaut and state of alert in Mukallah 2- Several ministers absented themselves from Council of Minister meeting on November 9th 3- Confiscating properties of cooperatives in southern and eastern governorates angers many people Article Summary: Wheat Decreases… Oppression Increases While persecution is on the increase, the amount of food entering the average Yemeni household is rapidly decreasing, in quantity and quality. Self-sufficiency in wheat and other basic food commodities is far from being achieved. Foreign economic reports have recently indicated the amount of wheat imported by Yemen during the first half of 1997 has decreased by 3.08%, compared to the same period last year. Local wheat production is unchanged at 170,000 tons. Lifting wheat subsidies, in accordance with World Bank “prescription,” is not helping matters either.