AL-THAWRI: Sanaa (Weekly) 16-10-97. [Archives:1997/42/Press Review]

October 20 1997

(Yemeni Socialist Party)
Main Headlines: 1) Popular Opposition to Proposed Division of Hadhramaut Intensifies 2) PGC Member and Former Afghan War Veteran, Al-Fadhli, Owes Electricity Authority in Abyan YR 2 Million 3) YSP Opens Temporary Office in Aden 4) Revenge Killings and Kidnapping of Foreigners Increase in Abyan Article Summary: Execution for 4 Rapists The four men found guilty of raping an 11-year-old child in Dhamar were sentenced to execution. The previous sentence of execution for one of the men and 10 years imprisonment and 500 lashes for the other 3 was annulled by the East Dhamar court. Intensive pressure was put on the judge by the child’s tribe – Al-Hadaa – to change his ruling. About 3,000 armed Hadaa tribesmen laid siege to Dhamar until their demands were finally met by the judge. The Court of Appeal has already endorsed the new sentence, which is going to be executed within the next few days.