AL-THAWRI: Sanaa weekly, 17-9-98. [Archives:1998/38/Press Review]

September 21 1998

[Yemeni Socialist Party – YSP]   Main Headline:
1- YSP is to hold its annual general conference in November, following the successful conclusion of the Central Committee’s 36th session.
2- Al-Thawri and Al-Shourah weekly newspapers are acquitted by South-West Sanaa court in a case brought against them by Press Prosecutor Office for articles highly critical of the government.
3- One person died and three were wounded when an RPG missile was accidentally fired inside the Education Office, Qaatba, Al-Dhali’, by one of the new Education Director’s bodyguards.
4- Official statistics indicate that 60% of Yemenis are illiterate.
Article Summary:
Words & Deeds
By Dr. Saif Sayel Khalid, YSP Politburo Member & Central Committee Secretary General
Participants at the Central Committee’s 36th session, held in Sanaa during 8-12 September, reached the following conclusions:
1- The country is going through an all-encompassing crisis. Policies adopted by the government have failed to bring about any positive change.
2- To confront the challenges and dangers threatening Yemen, the YSP calls on all political parties and organizations to conduct a comprehensive national dialogue.
3- A political, social and popular bloc must be formed to institute a comprehensive and long-lasting national reconciliation.
4- The YSP stresses its adherence to the democratization process, and rejects all forms of violence.
5- Yemen’s regional and international ties must be based on mutual cooperation and respect for territorial integrity.
6- The YSP must courageously adopt democracy within its own structures, and rely on constructive criticism as a means of reform.