AL-THAWRI: Sanaa weekly, 21-5-98. [Archives:1998/21/Press Review]

May 25 1998

(Yemeni Socialist Party – YSP) 
Main Headline:
1- On the 8th anniversary of the unification of Yemen, the YSP calls for preparing Yemen to enter the 21st century.
2- 14 political figures were released after 24 days in detention following the Mukallah demonstration. They have to appear before the prosecutor whenever summoned. The fate of some senior YSP members is still unknown.
3- The General Secretariat of the ruling People’s General Congress (PGC) issued an internal communiqu describing all those who call for a national reconciliation as ‘secessionists.’
4- Sheikh Mansoor Bakhtan, a prominent tribal elder, died at a private prison belonging to Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmer, the Speaker of Parliament. He was detained over a land dispute.
5- The YSP denies being behind the kidnapping of foreigners.
Article Summary:
CanOxy Cars
Thirty-seven cars of various types, makes and models – including 12 saloons – belonging to CanOxy Petroleum Company were “officially” usurped. The cars were supposed to be handed to the Ministry of Finance via the Customs Authority and the Petroleum Exploration Authority. However, the consignment was “diverted” by “supreme orders” to an influential military personality in the Eastern Military Axis.
The senior army officer in question asked the company to repair and maintain the cars at a cost of $70,000! According to informed sources, it is very probable that the cars will be rented out to CanOxy after changing their number plates. The Ministry of Petroleum had previously issued a directive stipulating the sale of such cars by public auction.