AL-THAWRI: Sanaa weekly, 23-4-98. [Archives:1998/17/Press Review]

April 27 1998

(Yemeni Socialist Party – YSP)  Main Headline:
1- YSP Central Committee discusses political situation in Yemen during its 35th session.
2- Presidential attempts to propitiate the Prime Minister failed because of lack of commitment to PM’s conditions of purging the administrative system.
3- Al-Thawri writers are still being interrogated by the Publications Prosecutor Office for critical articles they wrote.
4- 7 Yemeni engineers were arrested by Hajja security for demanding that a Chinese company working on a sewerage project should level the pock-marked road they were working on.
5- People in Sanaa protest strongly against the intended removal of the Khozaima cemetery to construct a fly-over bridge.
Article Summary:
Military Operations by Extremists
Informed sources have indicated that a Muslim extremist group has recently set up an illegal military training camp in Abyan. New recruits have been pouring into the camp for a month now from various parts of Yemen. They are trained to use light and medium-size firearms by people from other Arab countries known for their support for religious extremism.
A Yemeni figure, well-known for his support for such groups, visited the camp during the Eid vacation. Citizens living in the area have complained that the presence of the camp interferes with their agricultural and sheep-grazing activities. The local authorities have done nothing.