AL-THAWRI: Sanaa (Weekly) 30-10-97. (Yemeni Socilaist Party) [Archives:1997/44/Press Review]

November 3 1997

Main Headlines: 1) Widespread Arrests Follow 9 Aden Explosions – No Casualties nor Material Damage 2) Yemen Protests Against Eritrean Oil Exploration Near Yemeni Territorial Waters 3) Basic Commodity Prices Set to Rise Before End of 1997 4) Aden Municipality Demolish YSP Office Article Summary: Yemen Fails to Get More Aid According to the Middle East Confidential information agency, the recent European tour by President Ali Abdulla Saleh has failed to secure more aid for Yemen. “Most of Yemen’s European partners ee no urgency for providing more financial assistance. Sanaa should first make more progress in the reform program.” The agency reprt also described the recent popular protests over the rise in diesel prices as an indicator of the Yemeni government’s failure to keep security and stability.