AL-THAWRI: Sanaa weekly, 30-4-98. [Archives:1998/18/Press Review]

May 4 1998

(Yemeni Socialist Party – YSP)   Main Headline:
1- Campaign of arrests follows the break up of the Mukallah demonstration. Video film taken by the opposition of the demonstration refutes the government’s allegations that some demonstrators started shooting at the police!
2- 35th round of YSP Central Committee is successfully concluded.
3- Three issues must be resolved before a true national reconciliation: eradicating the consequences of the civil war, general amnesty, and returning all confiscated property.
Article Summary:
Oppression of Democracy – editorial
The ruling authority could have made the 27 April a true day for democracy by giving permission to the Mukallah demonstration. Organizing peaceful demonstrations is a constitutional and legal right. The authorities have committed a crime against human rights when its troops fired at the demonstrators and used tear gas. They did not stop at that. A massive campaign of detentions followed.
There is no doubt that break up of that demonstration was no incident, but done through prior design. No investigation was carried out by the authorities to find the cause of the outrage. The organized arrests indicate that a list was previously made of the people to be detained.
This crime is a new stab to the nation and to democracy.