AL-THAWRI: Sanaa weekly, 4-12-97. (Yemeni Socialist Party) [Archives:1997/49/Press Review]

December 8 1997

Main Headlines: 1- YSP Secretary-General: “The war is still on in Yemen.” 2- After more than 20 days of internment without formal charges, opposition figures jailed in Hadhramaut start an indefinite hunger strike 3- Chief of Political Security in Lahaj threatens journalists who report his assault on a YSP member 4- Representatives of international organizations attend trial of alleged Mahara saboteurs Article Summary: Failed Assault The deputy secretary-general of Al-Haqq Party and the well-known writer, Mr. Mohammed Al-Maqaleh became the subject of a failed assault attempt by a “dabbab” or minibus driver. He got into a dabbab that stopped near him. After a short distance, the driver tried to stab Al-Maqaleh with a metal skewer. Passersby hurried to the scene and saved Al-Maqaleh. Police are still looking for the dabbab driver. Al-Maqaleh is an outspoken journalists who had recently written a number of articles critical of the government.