AL-THAWRI: Sanaa (Weekly) 6-11-97. [Archives:1997/45/Press Review]

November 10 1997

(Yemeni Socialist Party)
Main Headlines: 1- Amnesty International Condemns Yemen’s Human Rights Record 2- American National Democratic Institute Emphasizes Need for Politically Active Socialist Party 3- Following Suspicious Death of Two Prisoners, PSO Transfered Others to Mansoora Central Prison in Aden 4- Rally of Solidarity with Iraqi People Held in Sanaa & Similar one Planned for Aden 5- Government has no Accurate Numbers of Landmines Planted in Yemen Article Summary: PSO Confronts Islah An armed confrontation took place in Al-Rawdha dsitrict in Aden between a security force and a group from the Islah party. The security force was trying to evict the Islahis from a building which was used as a training center for tarde unionists before 1994. The building’s ownership is to be returned to the Trade Unions Association. The security force had to pull back after the shoot-out. It became known that the Islahis had orders from the higher echelons of their party to resist the eviction attempt. The Islahis are still holed in their adopted H.Q.