AL-THAWRI: Sanaa weekly, 9-7-98. [Archives:1998/28/Press Review]

July 13 1998

(Yemeni Socialist Party – YSP)   Main Headline:
1- Military operations continue in Jawf and Mareb. Air and artillery bombardment is used against villages. The 14th Army Brigade stationed in the area is still besieged by heavily armed tribesmen. Security forces conduct a large campaign of arrests among Mareb and Jawf tribesmen staying in Sanaa.
2- YSP Secretary General congratulates Col. Qaddafi on the success of his leg surgery.
3- Political circles in Sanaa express deep concern over the disappearance of opposition leader Hassan Ba-Awm since the violent break-up by police of the Mukallah demonstration on April 27.
4- YSP condemns Israel’s expansionist policies.
Article Summary:
Tribal Alliance
Tribes in Mareb and Jawf held a major conference on July 2, and made a number of decisions and recommendations:
1- declaring solidarity amongst the tribes to confront oppression;
2- allowing tribes from other parts of Yemen to join the alliances;
3- calling on all political parties and prominent figures to reject the “policy” of starving the people’
4- strongly condemning the air and artillery shelling of innocent people;
5- rejecting any infringement on the freedom of expression;
6- condemning all acts of violence and looting;
7- calling on all human rights organizations to help the Yemeni people; and
8- calling on the President to reverse the government’s decision to raise prices.