AL-THAWRI: Sanaa weekly, [Archives:1998/19/Press Review]

May 11 1998

(YSP: Yemen Socialist Party)   Main Headline:
1- 14 YSP members were detained and 6 are missing following the Hadhramaut violence.
2- People in Hadhramaut demand the trial of those involved in breaking up their peaceful demonstration.
3- Head of Journalists Syndicate: “The President has put the limited margin of democracy to the last confrontation.”
Article Summary:
Reform After Ghanim
By Ali Al-Sarari
Whoever the new PM is, it does not mean a lot. The government in Yemen is not known for taking decisive decisions, especially in very important issues. The declared government policies, which are ratified by parliament, are not what is implemented in reality.
Faraj Bin Ghanim is the first Yemeni PM not to be appointed by virtue of military or social factors. He did not join any of the opposing camps during the 1994 war and declined to become a PM immediately afterwards. He is a clean, patriotic, practical, progressive and independent person.
Bin Ghanim agreed to become a PM following the 1997 general elections on the understanding that he will get all possible support from the President. This choice was also met with satisfaction by the outside world due to Ghanim’s good reputation. After 10 months of being PM, he was able to diagnose the maladies plaguing the reform program, and specify the necessary measures. This did not please the corrupt power centers.