Al-Thawry [Archives:2003/640/Press Review]

June 9 2003

5 June 2003
Main headlines:
– More details on plan of assassinating Jarallah Omar, disclosed, political security has beforehand information on the killing Omar
– YSP confirms serious interaction with pardon decision to stabilize the unity and democracy
– FBI demand opening an office at the American embassy in Yemen
– ''Al-Thawri''and ''Al-Wahdawi'' acquitted in the case raised against them by the supreme committee of elections

Columnist Abda Farie Nouman says in his article that advance of society could not be achieved by words or slogans that are not compatible with actual practices of political and popular forces and civil society organizations including woman organizations and forces of the ruling authority. Building a society is integration between man and woman and without that integration the society remains chained and deprived of freedom. Depriving the woman of practicing her role in full means depriving the society of this role and that freedom because the woman constitute half of the society an any infringement of her rights means violation of the entire society's rights and freedom.
On part of the authority it seems that women do not occupy their position and importance but on certain occasions and seasons the authority is interested in. as soon as the season ends the talk about the woman and her rights stops, even as an individual in the society, as what has happened in the recent parliamentary elections where the woman is represented by one member out of 301 seats. The present age necessitates studying and analyzing its data in a practical way. This reality could not be defined by man only but by serious stands towards the real role of the woman in building an integrated society. Such an orientation could demand from all political forces, including the forces of authority, to allot constituencies special for the woman nomination according to criteria serving her goals so that the woman would take her position at the parliament at least by 25% percent that is quarter of the society if not 50% percent of the society. There must be some three portfolios for woman such as the foreign, trade and education ministries in addition to involving her in the Shoura council, judiciary and various organizations. The woman represents life and existence in the Yemeni entity and she therefore reflects the civilized and democratic face of the society and the political system.