Al-Thawry [Archives:2003/642/Press Review]

June 19 2003

12 June 2003
Main headlines:
– Call for setting up a parliamentary fact-finding committee on the killing of Jarallah Omar
– A suspect used to threaten life of journalists, arrested
– YSP general secretariat sends condolences to the parliament speaker sheikh al-Ahmar on death of his daughter
– Journalist Sanad Najad released after a month of detention

Columnist Abdo Farie Nouman says in his article when we come across some politicians, and party or civil society leaders in the streets we find in them simplicity and love and merriment. We find in them the full meaning of democracy, justice and equality. We find them patient regarding listening to issues of the citizens and their problems and suffering. It is a creative interaction inside the society and at the level of the pyramidal composition as a whole, as indicators augur well of good and satisfaction. The lesson is all clear when those leaders or some of them assume positions when so soon all things change, the behavior changes and they become haunted with pride and arrogance. The layman in the street also begins to change his attitude towards them as they begin to show exaggerated respect and praise, a matter that lead to those people clinging strongly to authority and confiscating all values such as equal citizenship and justice and democracy. Such changes lead the society to abyss and destruction. This is the dominating characteristic of all rulers in the backward countries.
Whatever is imposed on the popular will could not be stable or last long. It could not succeed or get security because it is against masses of the people. Those who antagonize the people would be faced with the same stand and find themselves isolated unlike those who emerge from among the people.