Al-Thawry [Archives:2003/644/Press Review]

June 23 2003

19 June 2003
Columnist Mohammed Qassem Nouman says responses of those who citizens took part in parliamentary elections, especially those who participated in the constituencies where rigging has happened, are undoubtedly characterized by having a big shock while they were following up the way of voting and vote counting. They would have been particularly shocked by the sight of children used for harming the voters' electoral will or the buying of voices. Results of vote counting reflected that rigging and falsification. That has generated frustration and fears in the citizens whose will got damaged due to such non-democratic behavior. Those have formed a grave damage to democracy and human rights and weakened the hopes for positive democratic changes. Those were no doubt an offense to the ruling system and the officials in addition to their being outrageous evidence on the nature of the democracy that is attempted to be sold outside despite its corruption inside. The more dangerous things are the effects created with the citizens who are living the contradictions of rulers represented by the difference between their sayings and their action on the ground.