Al-Thawry [Archives:2003/648/Press Review]

July 7 2003

3 July 2003
Main headlines:
– More details of a criminal plot against Jaralla Omar completed in political security prison
– Disputes of the majority party bloc disclose internal crisis
– Bajamal government admits corruption of civil service
– Army officers and soldiers deprived of return to their jobs
Abdulla Munassar Mohammed says in his article that since the '90s Yemen has seen large numbers of Islamic extremism groups that had come back from following the end of the Afghan jihad war against the regime that was pro the former soviet union. Those groups were not all Yemenis but there were others from other Arab and Islamic countries. They were received in Yemen and military training camps were opened for them and then they were benefited from in the 1994 war. Receiving and rendering care for those terrorist groups in that way was a sufficient impetus for the made the Americans after the events of 11 September focus their attention on Yemen and regarding it one of the countries harboring terror and included in the international campaign for combating terrorism. These events forced the regime to engage in confrontations directly with these groups. T he important thing is that the regime is responsible for what these groups are committing of sabotage and terrorist acts and hard line stands offending the religion and reputation of Yemen. The boundaries of the regime's responsibility do not end at adoption of these religious groups and its support and financing of them but also it is responsible for encouraging them to be the victim entrapped in the deviation from the right path. Now as the regime is at loggerheads with them it began asking help and national support to confront terror.