Al-Thawry [Archives:2003/652/Press Review]

July 21 2003

17 July 2003
Main headlines:
– President accuses leaders abroad with treason, calls for national alignment
– President torpedoes general amnesty decision
– GPC's attempts to win by force in constituency 80 by-elections
– YSP calls for alignment against violence culture

Columnist Abda Farie writes on corruption saying he writing on corruption has become very much and official statements on this problem has been doubled. All are wielding he weapon of fighting corruption; inside the authority and the opposition and popular circles.
The ordinary people are the only losers and victims since the imamate era. They were expecting hope from the September revolution in 1962 and October 14 1963 that have opened for them broad horizons for life. They rallied behind them and carried arms in defence of them. The corruption of Yemen is something different than any kind of corruption because it is deep-rooted and contemporary of many eras that governed Yemen since the Turkish occupation till the present time. At present it is different because it is more developed and coinciding with the age of technology and information. Fighting such a type of corruption does not come with information campaigns and threats. Those silently fight corruption have to continue their activity with steady and practical steps. In this way their work would succeed. Time factor is very important.