Al-Thawry [Archives:2003/655/Press Review]

July 31 2003

24 July 2003
Main headlines:
– Oil workers in Aden: Stop those trading with our rights
– Investigations with influential elements involved in land-related corruption in Aden
– Flagrant violation of authorities and revenues of local council in Dhalie
Columnist Mohammed Qassem Nouman says in an article he importance of comprehensive political reform emerges from its meeting the human and society need and embodies the positive interaction with the system of changeables and developments the world is witnessing. Respect of human rights, the people participation in decision making, facing poverty and unemployment, facing systems and mechanisms of unjust rule, respect of woman's right to take part in the political,economic and social life and others are titles of the comprehensive reform. The political reform is important for the following reasons:
– determine the ruling system we need now and in future,
– to receive the new world order and deal with it in its language,
– to enhance our social national unity,
– to renew the emerging democracy,
– to encounter corruption and its dangerous damage to the developments of society,
– to consolidate the real respect of human rights,
– to steadily move towards building a modern Yemeni state,
– to embody respect of woman rights,
– to deal with the actual problems in the Yemeni society,
– to employ world and regional variables and scientific developments.