Al-Thawry [Archives:2003/659/Press Review]

August 14 2003

7 August 2003
Main headlines:
– Government forces unable to solve tribal dispute and fighting
– Conflict inside the GPC bloc hinders parliament works
Columnist Abubakr al-Saqqaf says America and its allies occupation of Iraq was and still the beginning of undermining the role of the United nations in international life. Some hawks at the American administration talk openly and write about abolishing the United nations that has become a block on the road of the flourishment of the American empire and undermining the international order is the first acts of empires. Despite all of its violations of the rules of discipline stipulated in the UN charter, the U.S. still uses the international organization for serving its goals, among which giving legitimacy to its presence and acts in Iraq and to evade from the responsibility of that presence and acts.
Hanging the sword of war on the necks of the Iraqis is meant to paralyze their capability of defending their right to self-determination and choosing a democratic regime via free elections under supervision of the UN. But this right could not be dropped as long as the Iraqis are resisting peacefully and politically and if the occupier does not leave the country the just war is legitimate to end the occupation and restore the national sovereignty.