Al-Thawry [Archives:2003/671/Press Review]

September 25 2003

18 Sept.2003
Man headlines:
– The YSP calls for depending effective national alternatives to tackle the dangers the country is fraught with
– Conviction in the case of Jarallah killer comes under the context of continuation of terrorism
– Yemeni investor accuses director of presidency office of practicing pressure on judiciary
Nizar Abdeh Said says in his article the trade unionist work is one of the means of peaceful democratic work in the civilized societies and by it the rights of its affiliates are achieved from the other party such as employers and governments. Trade unionists usually have some means of pressure to express the demands of its members like strikes and sits-in and peaceful demonstrations.
There are many trade unions in our country for various professions, though mostly they are nominal because of the authority and its ruling party control over leaders of trade unionist work. Students unions suffer from the same conditions of those of trade unions. When talking about the condition of students unions they have been built on false foundations. The cause of their failure is the competition among the political parties-authority and opposition- on the students arena to gains the biggest possible number of seats of the students union. This in turn leads to changing the trade unionist work into a partisan work. Amidst of this confusion interests of students get lost because of narrow loyalties to parties. It is admitted that political and partisan work among students is something legitimate but it should be within the limits of means, as partisan work is a means not an end.